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Lashaundra wants to help you properly structure your business and give you the necessary tools to grow financially.  When she began, she had no help, so she knows how difficult it can be to start from nothing.  She had no mentor or resources when she started from the ground up, only learning through trial and error how to build the perfect business.  

She is here to help you skip that trial and error, and get right into running a business the right way.  Take a look at some of her products and services, derived over a career in building strong businesses and financially strong individuals.  She is a strong believer in manifestation. Your tongue and thoughts are powerful in determining the course of your work and your actions.  She spoke her life into a multi 6-figure business, and you can too.

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Business Consulting and Start-Up Assistance
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Tax Prep and Filing Services
Hipster Hairstyle
Entrepreneurship Coaching
Colorful Books
Business Books and Journals
About LaShaundra

LaShaundra Nicole is an entrepreneur with multiple businesses blending her passion for writing, business, and tax expertise to empower others in their journey toward success.   Her first business was her Tax Service where she specialized in individual and small business taxes. That’s where she started 10 years ago. Math and people were already 2 of her favorite things and at that time she realized she liked to help people save money all while giving them financial advise and teaching and showing them helpful things and giving resources along the way, along with having multiple tax services.


Lashaundra is an author, owns a cleaning service, Afc home and helps business owners get their business going and build a strong foundation.  Welcome to her website, this is her story!

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